The Problem

How HR Outsourcing Can Help

Rising Costs;
Shrinking Budgets

  • Enables small businesses to convert fixed costs into variable costs, thus allowing them to invest greater capital in other areas of the business and revenue-generating activities.
  • Allows businesses to take advantage of lower rates for services because they become a part of a larger employment base, which can significantly reduce costs.
  • Reduces the significant expenditures that may be necessary in the early stages of operating the business.

Limited Time for
Core Activities

  • Allows a small business to take advantage of the outsourcing firm’s cost structure and economies of scale which, in turn, gives small businesses a competitive advantage and ability to compete with larger firms.
  • Enables businesses to save time and resources that would otherwise be needed to do HR tasks in-house, including providing proper training.
  • Improves efficiency because outsourcing provides a broader network of capabilities and information to the person who works onsite in the company’s HR department.

Lack of In-House

  • Helps small businesses minimize the risk involved in handling business processes in-house.
  • Reduces the potential liability for a company that would otherwise have to retrain in-house employees or let them go from the job because their expertise is no longer needed.

Complex Employment

  • Enables small businesses to minimize frustrations of dealing with increasingly more complex regulations and possibly potential legal liability for noncompliance.

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