When things go awry, and they do, HR is the first person to get called—we recover our Clients from many unenviable situations, and put you back on the road to good HR health.

HR Strategies LLC partners with small to medium-sized businesses and consider our roles as HR experts to be those of:

  • Educator
  • Change Steward
  • Operational Catalyst
  • Architect
  • Business Partner
  • Talent Manager

We listen to the client situation, and offer workable, make-sense solutions, resources and tools based on a client’s workplace culture, work style, size, industry, and other similar factors.

We are a small, local manufacturer, and Sheila worked closely with us on incentives for employees and ways to address absenteeism. Sheila listens. She understands the market. She has expertise in all areas of HR and can help with almost any issue.

Tim Hart

We are a boutique HR consulting firm specializing in full-stack, smart HR services from policy and procedure development, employment and HR law education and training, employee handbooks, guidance through employee relations issues, jobs analysis and design, internal HR gap assessments, performance management, recruiting and onboarding best practices — everything having to do with managing your human capital. We also support existing HR departments with everyday challenges and the outsourcing of particular functions that keep HR from being more strategic in nature and design.

Our work is custom and it is scalable. We do nothing boiler-plate. Our clients are unique in size, culture and industry, and our work style and products reflect that. We love what we do, and this is also reflected in the finished products we deliver to our Clients.

Our goal is to educate and provide our Clients with a value-added service to leadership, management and employees that reflect the business objectives of the company.

We offer free consultations to listen and to simply understand your current challenges.

Contact us directly at 410-241-3862 to learn more about how we work and what we offer


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