We work because we love what we do. We also work to make a living, to make money, to earn a profit.

As professionals, it is all in a days’ work, and sometimes the goals we want to achieve get overlooked, or we have zero time to really get, even on a day to day basis, to the finish line.

Sheila has helped us grow to more than 100 employees, making sure we’re on our game, with the right processes in place. She has become part of our management team – we depend on her and we use her services as much as we can. Her work lets me get back to my regular work full time.

Dan McGann, CFO, Wireless Communication & Electronics Inc.

We provide business leaders, supervisors, and managers the tools and resources to get you through the day and back to seeing a light at the end of what can often be a very long tunnel of to-do’s:

  • We recognize business trends and see the trains coming
  • We forecast obstacles
  • We identify people issues that impede growth and even day to day workloads
  • We facilitate the process of gaining clarity in all of it
  • We mitigate risk
  • We keep an eye on legal updates, regulations, compensation changes, discrimination issues

We provide expert mitigation against the underlying and often unknowns by those who do not have a background in HR, or are simply too busy achieving their own goals as Practioners in their craft.



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