Our Clients are diverse. Therefore, our finished products are diverse to reflect this. While many of the laws apply across the board, there are some which take affect according to size, industry or other factors.

HR Strategies’ job is to make sure that one size does not fit all.

Our work is never boiler-plate. Our work is custom to industry, culture, workstyle, and size of our Clients. No two Employee Handbooks look the same. They never should.

Resources and tools provided by us are to be utilized, not filed away as if to have the boxed checked. Our products reflect YOU and leave with you a feeling of achievement and sense of value-add.

We will never provide a product that does not fit the way in which you choose to run your business.

HR Strategies helps us manage and deliver excellent services to our employees. Without them, we could not be nearly as productive as we are today. It is the most valuable asset we outsource.

Ken Bartz, Co-founder and Chief Vision Officer, Monster Lead Group

We will suggest, recommend and tell you what is best to keep out of harms’ way and stay relevant, but we will never leave you with a policy or handbook or performance review, or any other product or services that does not reflect who you are as a company.

Otherwise, you may as well go to the Cloud and plug and play. We don’t do that at HR Strategies.


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