As HR Consultants, we know the importance of having the right staff on board; good employees can make or break your organization. We are committed to finding the right candidate for your organization, not just filling an empty seat.  We match candidates with company culture, as well as selecting those with an optimal skill set. HR Strategies’ niche recruiting services are tailored to fit your needs, not a blanket approach to filling jobs.

We work with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of the short and long-term staffing needs and the budget. We will work with you to determine your specific needs and diligently find the right candidate to enhance your organization for current and future objectives.

Why is our recruiting unique?

  • We work closely with our clients to understand their culture and recruiting philosophy.
  • HR Strategies, LLC, does not contract for a percentage of the first year salary, so we typically fall well below the traditional percentage structured fee.
  • Hiring is not limited; we hire at all levels. Our combined 25+ years of recruiting and interviewing for a multiplicity of positions gives us the proven experience needed to fill your jobs.
  • We help our clients craft a well-defined and detailed job description. This will ensure a better return on your candidates.
  • Pre-screens and thorough interviews are conducted for select candidates. Only the best qualified candidates will be referred to you for an interview.
  • Client education is provided on current marketplace trends, salaries and candidate expectations.
  • We work continuously with you throughout the recruiting, interviewing, hiring and onboarding process. Stellar communication is key to a successful hire!
  • We will assist with the onboarding process of all new hires; providing you with new hire paperwork and compliance requirements, as well as performance management guidelines.
  • We provide a Behavioral Assessment specific to the job opening to help with determining the best fit. Our assessment determines how a candidate is most likely to behave in the workplace, and provides instant detailed feedback to be used in the interviewing process and prior to the hire.

HR Strategies, LLC is committed to helping our clients attract and retain the best people! Contact us today and we can formulate a recruiting plan for you.

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