Jul 18, 2017

Resumes are Only Skin Deep

in Business HR

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I’m sure everyone has heard of this phrase or has been told it once in their life. This applies to more than just your personal life with friends, but with your professional life as well. When hiring for a certain position for your company, don’t rely solely on the resumes laying in front of you. If they meet your basic qualifications, reach out and see what their character is like.

Candidate A could have a 4.0 and went to an Ivy League school but could have the character of a wall. Candidate B may have a 3.5 or less but could be the most driven employee you’d ever have. What lies on a piece of paper shouldn’t determine what a person is really like.

An article on SHRM talked about how companies should hire people instead of resumes. They mentioned how some people could be considered “scrappers”; people who grew up in less than ideal circumstances. I can relate to this concept. My parents divorced when I was young and ever since my life has been constantly changing. I had two homes and new siblings in under 2 years. I was the eldest so I was always required to take care of all the children, which made me grow up fast and made me reliable, driven, and quick on my feet. I wanted to leave a good example for my siblings to follow, so I made sure to do well in school but also take care of them. I thank this experience because it made me the determined and reliable young woman that I am today.
I also grew up where money was tight and I couldn’t go to an expensive college once I graduated like I dreamed. I worked hard and made my studies a number one priority, but I also had to watch over my siblings and deal with parental drama. I didn’t receive a 4.0 but I did get almost a full ride to the college I am currently attending.

Just because someone may have a well written resume and has more experience or higher grades then other candidates, it doesn’t mean they are the perfect fit for your company. Get to know the person behind the resume and see of their character shines through. They do need some experience and knowledge for what the job entails, but they also need the right character traits to make the job blossom to its full potential.