We provide full stack HR Consultation, Outsourcing, and Advisory Services.

  • Advisory Services
  • HR Assessments | HR Audits | Internal Audit Report | Compliance & Risk Management
  • Handbooks | Employee Relations | Policy & Procedure Development
  • Recruiting | Background Checks | Onboarding
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Analysis | Job Descriptions | Performance Management Tools
  • Training for Supervisors
    • HR & Employment Law
    • Lawful Interviewing and Separation Practices
    • On-site Educational Lunch ‘n Learns
  • Separation | Exit Interviews
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Smart HR for Emerging and Business in Transition
    • Assist New HR Managers in building their departments
    • How to Guide for Building Your HR Department
    • Outsourced services

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Brokerage
  • Construction
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Legal
  • International Shipping
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Wireless Technology
  • Janitorial

HR Assessment (HR Audit)                                              

In today’s competitive climate, organizations operate within the confines of a heavily regulated employee environment. This challenge includes dealing with myriad complex laws and regulations. An HR audit involves identifying issues and finding solutions to problems before they become unmanageable. It is an opportunity to assess what an organization is doing right, as well as how things might be done differently, more efficiently or at a reduced cost.

HR Strategies helps us manage and deliver excellent services to our employees. Without them, we could not be nearly as productive as we are today. It is the most valuable asset we outsource.

Ken Bartz, Co-founder and Chief Vision Officer, Monster Lead Group

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