Outsourcing allows companies to offload work that isn’t part of their core business.

It also saves money.

We can take up various tasks from being your CHRO to writing your customized Handbook. In between, we can support you with:

  • Identifying HR gaps with an Audit
  • Handle your compliance issues
  • Craft custom policies that match how you choose to do business
  • Analyze jobs to reduce redundancies and overlaps
  • Create robust and ADA compliant job descriptions
  • Train Supervisors on Lawful Interviewing and Separation Practices
  • Augment an existing HR department
  • Provide Behavioral Assessments for job candidates
  • Offer a scalable performance management system with review forms that make sense
  • Manage processes and procedures for employees and managers
  • Monitor compliance around FMLA, ADA, ACA, FLSA, COBRA, HIPAA, etc…

Our services take the load off, reduces worry and stress, and gives you time back in your day.